La'Deja, a resilient woman of God and a self-taught podcaster. Her journey is one marked by healing of all sorts – emotional, spiritual, and physical. Through her own experiences of overcoming adversity and finding strength in her faith, La'Deja believes in the transformative power of sharing her story. She hopes that by opening up about her stumbles, missteps, and hard-won victories, she can inspire others to deepen their relationship with Christ and find healing in their own lives. Based in the vibrant landscapes of North Carolina, La'Deja not only lives and breathes her message but also shares it with the world through her podcast. And for those seeking an uplifting voice to grace their events, La'Deja is available to travel and speak throughout the surrounding areas. Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and empowered by La'Deja's journey of resilience and faith!

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